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Become a Reseller

By registering for the Business class which qualifies you as a reseller, you take ownership of the business by having data at unimaginable rate shown in the table below.

In addition, you can enjoy Discounted phone recharge for any network at the following rates: MTN= 2%, 9MOBILE &AITEL = 4%, GLO & VISAPHONE = 5%

You can make additional income of -N-500 for every reseller who registers with your user name.

DATA Plan and Rate for Resellers (Business Class)- Register with N2000


(Validity of 90days)

  • 1GB = #470

  • 2GB = #940

  • 5GB = #2500


(Validity of 30days)

  • 250MB = #250

  • 500MB = #350

  • 1GB = #650

  • 1.5GB = #1000

  • 2GB = #1250

  • 3GB = #1900

  • 5GB = #3100

  • 11.5GB = #7000

  • 15GB = #8850

  • 27.5GB = #16,000


(Validity of 30days)

  • 1.6GB/2GB = #900

  • 3.65GB/4.5GB = #1,800

  • 5.75GB/7.2GB = #2,250

  • 7GB/8.25GB = #2,650

  • 10GB/12.5GB = #3,550

  • 12.5GB/15.6GB = #4,450

  • 20GB/25GB = #7,000

  • 26GB/32.5GB = #8,600

  • 42GB/52.5GB = #13,000


(Validity of 30days)

  • 1.5GB = #950

  • 3.5GB = #1,900

  • 5GB = #2,375

  • 7GB = #3,325

If you are interested in getting data at a lower rate and also getting huge discount in recharging your phone through out VTU platform. Then consider registering as Business class in order to enjoy all these benefits.

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By registering the reseller account and making the payment of -N2,000, your account is activated.

This gives you access to your online wallet that you would credit from time to time in order to begin to transact freely.

You can make payment online or transfer to

Bank: UBA

Account Name: Kefmawin Ventures

Account No.: 1003223133

Frequently asked questions

You can either by as end user or get reseller right to take full control and even start earning.

For end users simple fill the order form and make payment online or on our bank account with detail as follows:

Bank: UBA

Account Name: Kefmawin Ventures

Account No.: 1003223133

You can send message to the following number indicating the amount, Phone network and phone number to be credited with the data or airtime: 234-8035966124

All the plans on the MTN Data have the validity of 90days while the other networks are for 30days

Yes, The way to earn is to make a one time registration of two thousand. Your platform will be created to directly buy on your own at  more subsidized prices and even buy on behalf of others. The reseller also makes N500 for every client referred who makes registration successfully

This whole idea is aimed at making people get data at the cheapest possible price and make people enjoy financial freedom through the reseller platform

At the moment we are not hiring directly. But our platform enables you employ yourself into profitable venture by taking advantage of our Reseller platform to get data very cheap and sell to others. In addition you earn by referring others into the reseller program.